The Alabama Central Railroad Company, incorporated in 1906 in Walker County, Alabama. It's The Old A.C.’s retired steam engine No.29 now resides in Dora at the Alabama Mining Museum, and once stood on the hillside next to the present girls dorm on the Walker College Campus of Bevill State Community College. The Railroad Depot was located at the end of Alabama Avenue in downtown Jasper on 19th Street. The train made daily runs to the Marigold Tipple at Manchester, waited while many coal cars were filled with coal, then returned to downtown Jasper, passing right in front of Farmstead School. Many teenage boys used to hop the train, which always traveled at a very slow speed, and ride to Farmstead where they would jump off and be picked up by friends, a pastime that would likely not be tolerated today. People from Birmingham and other areas, frequently drove to Jasper in the waning days of the steam engine, just to watch No. 29 leave the station.

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